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Labyrinth 2 (iPhone)

Review by Tom Grimes, December 12, 2009

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First impressions are always important, since the player needs to be interested immediately to remain engaged. Labyrinth 2 is a game that does this right. We could tell that it would be an impressive game just from the icon. Cleverly designed, it shows that the game is a sequel, contains brand new elements, and is tremendously polished with smooth 3D graphics. So ultimately this game needs no introduction, just a icon.’s incredible how many imaginative obstacles there are...

Labyrinth 2 may be the sequel to Labyrinth but so much has been changed and improved that it’s almost unrelated. Nevertheless the basic concept is the same: roll the ball from the start to the finish as quickly as possible. Of course this is never easy due to the sheer amount of obstacles in the game. Holes are your primary challenge but it’s incredible how many imaginative obstacles there are: bumpers, cannons, magnets, fans, merry-go-rounds, lasers and the list keeps going on. Each of these bring a new challenge to the game and help to keep it fresh.

There are 20 official level packs included, each containing five to ten levels. The packs vary in difficulty from extremely easy to insanely hard and all require different tactics to pass. However what makes Labyrinth 2 so good is the level editor. It might not be an in-game one but it’s certainly powerful, allowing you to make some spectacular levels. In fact all the official levels were created in the level editor, which just shows how well designed it is. Not only can you create and download your own levels, but you can download ones made by people from all around the world. The quality of most of these packs is surprisingly high and in theory this means there is an infinite amount of levels.

A constant problem with other labyrinth games is the lack of variety, but luckily Labyrinth 2 has plenty. The seemingly out of place objects manage to give the game a kind of surreal feel and are things you’ll never find on a real labyrinth. Gameplay wise they hold the game back from being tedious and after playing well over 200 levels we still wanted more. Bumpers and cannons are two obstacles that you definitely want to avoid: Bumpers and rubber ball cannons will knock your ball off course, while real cannons will obliterate your ball. Doors, buttons and lasers are three things that usually go together, in either good or bad ways. Sometimes a button or laser will open a door, and other times it will spike disaster by closing a door or causing more havoc (such as setting off the alarms). Resizers and duplicators are two components in the gameplay that don’t really count as obstacles, but they do add some intriguing elements to the game. All of these objects open up the game massively, so many refreshing levels can be created.

Labyrinth 2 is pumped full of levels, obstacles and fun gameplay but it’s the little things that are the cherry on the top: When you replay a level your previous run is shown by a ghost ball, allowing you to easily race to beat your best time. Local multiplayer over bluetooth and Wi-Fi is also included so you can race up to four friends to the finish. If those don’t present you with enough of a challenge there are 30 awards to unlock, which in turn unlock new balls for you to use in-game. One thing that really impressed us about the balls was how shiny they are! As you roll them about you’ll notice numerous obstacles reflect off them. How is that for polished!

...after playing well over 200 levels we still wanted more...

Leading on from there, Labyrinth 2 has an astonishing presentation. The 3D graphics are smooth and look marvellous, especially for a labyrinth game. The menus follow suit with a slightly grunge look and are very well designed. The game doesn't lack on the audio side either: there may not be any background music but there is surround sound, so as you get closer to an object the sound becomes more distinct. All of these sound effects are wonderfully tuned and it’s a joy to hear the metal ball rolling, the cannon firing or the lasers buzzing.

All in all Labyrinth 2 is without a doubt the best labyrinth game you can get. Inventive obstacles and elements present challenging, unique and fun gameplay, and there is an infinite amount of levels available. We whole heartedly recommend this one, so pick it up as soon as you can!

Grade: A, Outstanding

Inventive gameplay elements, slick graphics and infinite levels make this the ultimate labyrinth game.

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