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Review by Tom Grimes, August 31, 2009

iPhone integration (About)
  • Save state: No
  • iPod music: No
  • Status bar: No
  • Version: 1.2
  • Price as reviewed: 59p
  • by Mediatonic

MUST.EAT.BIRDS is a game with a completely bizarre concept, an amazing presentation and utterly simple, and brilliant, gameplay. At the bottom of the screen is a makeshift catapult which you fire Nomsters from, in order to protect your four cakes. Various birds, which for some strange reason can't fly, fall from the sky with parachutes attached to them. You have to pull back and fire your Nomster at them to eat them; just as the title suggests.

Your Nomster will bounce off the sides of the screen but will disappear if he reaches the top or hits the bottom. If you engulf a Nomster with another one it will grow and doing this several times will result in a giant Nomster that will crazily fly about, eating bird after bird. If you take the saying "kill two birds with one stone" literally and hit more than one bird with your Nomster it will add to your multiplier combo. After eating 25 birds in a row without misfiring a Nomster you will activate "MAXIMUM BAKE!", in which, Nomsters are able to bounce off all four sides of the screen. This means you can eat a lot of birds and therefore rack up a large score.

There are five different types of birds in the game which vary in size and looks. Some birds take multiple hits to eat, like the fat red ones and the ones with half a shell still on. There are also other objects that will drop down such as golden cakes which give you a score bonus and bombs which will kill birds around them when hit by a Nomster.

The graphics are very bright and colourful which give the game a unique style to go along with the bizarre concept.

There are two modes in MUST.EAT.BIRDS; Missions and Challenge. In Missions you will work your way through 18 different levels, each of which will give you a goal for you to achieve in order to complete it. These range from eating a number of birds to gaining a number of points. Sometimes you will have a Nomster limit so you have to complete your goal with a certain amount of Nomsters - making some levels extremely hard. After you complete a level you will be given a grade, which can add a lot of replayability since you could spent hours trying to get As on all the levels. Challenge mode is pretty much a survival mode where you have to try and achieve the highest score you can before all four of your cakes are eaten.

MUST.EAT.BIRDS has an amazing and quirky presentation. The graphics are very bright and colourful which give the game a unique style to go along with the bizarre concept. The menus are also very original as they are all in Japanese with English subtitles put over the top. There is some cheerful music which loops in the background but while you'll find yourself whistling along to it; it can become very repetitive. The sounds are quite basic with just the birds tweeting as they drop down and your Nomster grunting as he gobbles up the birds.

To keep you coming back for more; MUST.EAT.BIRDS has OpenFeint integrated so there are achievements to earn and scores to beat. With 18 levels to complete along with four challenges and online highscores MUST.EAT.BIRDS has a surprising amount of content for a game as simple as it. While we feel that the game may become repetitive and boring over time it is definitely fun to play and with its unique presentation; well worth the price.

Grade: B, Great

While the game may become repetitive after a while, its unique gameplay and insanely original presentation make it well worth 59p.

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