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Ramp Champ (iPhone)

Review by Tom Grimes, September 10, 2009

iPhone integration (About)
  • Save state: Yes
  • iPod music: No
  • Status bar: No

Ramp Champ is one of those games that looks wonderful and plays wonderfully. There have been many skee ball games before, but Ramp Champ brings a superior experience with its own style, a surprisingly large amount of content and a ton of polish. The game itself is your basic arcade game but it has a distinct and brilliant circus theme which runs throughout the whole of it. Your aim is to hit as many targets as possible with the nine balls that you are given. You roll them along the ramp with a simple flick of your finger and try to gain the highest score you can.

There are four ramps in Ramp Champ, each of which their own theme and challenges. They are; Clown Town, Breakwater Bay, Space Swarm and The Icon Garden. Knocking down the right targets in each of them will cause more to appear and give you the chance to earn more points. In a way, each of the ramps has its own little world and the more you venture into it, the more you will find. There are also three goals for you to complete in order to earn yourself trophies and usually help you explorer further into each ramp. We think that these goals and the variety in the ramp designs make this game truly unique and has much more content compared to other skee ball games.

We have always found small games like Ramp Champ addictive and one of the things that really keeps you coming back are the tickets you get. After each game there is a fantastic looking ticket dispenser that reels out these tickets and you can even rip the tickets off which we think is an excellent touch. You get one ticket for every 500 points and you can use them to buy prizes. These range from a Starfish Plushie to Dancing Flower and are all complete with their own little descriptions. You have your own shelves in the "Loot" part of the game to keep your prizes and trophies in, and you can move them about just like you can with your apps on your iPhone home screen.

The graphics are a pleasure to look at, and without them the game wouldn't have the same charm.

Ramp Champ's presentation is absolutely spot on and we think that The Iconfactory have definitely gone in the right direction with the circus theme. The graphics are a pleasure to look at, and without them the game wouldn't have the same charm. Just like the in-game graphics; the menus are perfectly designed and all go with the circus style. There is also different music for each of the ramps, fitting in with their specific themes. The only problem we found is that while you can play your own iPod music, the game doesn't shut off its own soundtrack so it plays it underneath yours; creating a huge audio mess.

We think that Ramp Champ is one of the first games that has successfully used DLC. You can buy add-on packs for the game that contain two extra ramps as well as 18 prizes and 6 goals for 59p which we believe is the perfect price. There are currently two packs available and if you shell out the extra £1.19 you literally double the content in the game. We think that Ramp Champ is an incredibly polished game and its only fault is the slightly repetitive game play that will eventually become boring. However it is definitely worth the £1.19 and we recommend you buy the extra ramps if you want more content.

Grade: B, Great

While it may eventually become boring, we feel that it is a fantastic skee ball game with a surprising amount of content and an excellent presentation.

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