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Little Things (iPad)

Review by Ben Briggs, August 09, 2010

iPad integration (About)
  • Save state: No
  • iPod music: Yes
  • Status bar: No
  • Version: 1.0
  • Price as reviewed: £2.99
  • by KlickTock

Little Things is a hidden object game that involves a large object being broken up into hundreds of miniature pieces, some that may be simply a smaller version of the larger entity. Large swathes of colourful vectors are included with every puzzle and with every puzzle comes a taxing and fun challenge.

If you’ve played Super Search 60 you know the drill; Little Things borrows heavily from its predecessor both in gameplay objectives and also assets, with many objects common in both games. Simple coat hangers, shoes, beach balls, dice and other easily recognisable items—in other words, KlickTock’s forte.

You start off with a small collection of things; a dog, a wheelbarrow, a shoe; and by successfully finding tems within these large puzzles you gain puzzle pieces that unlock more. The puzzles themselves don’t change, but the items found within are selected at random. Sometimes you are tasked with a small list of items to find, or sometimes you may have to find all the occurrences of a particular item in a puzzle. Note that the items are usually of varying sizes, orientations and colours so finding them all isn’t easy.

Happily, the innovative hint mechanism is able to assist you. By dimming a portion of the screen it gently nudges you in the right direction; if you still can’t find the object it gradually gets smaller and smaller, pinpointing its exact location. Should it get to this stage you may be penalised but only if you rely on it too much; if you can find other objects without help then the game will award you the puzzle piece. Indeed, the game encourages you to use the hint system and you can even enable auto-hinting to let the game push you in the right direction if you’re struggling.

When you’ve collected the required amount of puzzle pieces, you’re asked to rearrange them into a completed illustration that forms the next large object. It’s a neat touch and what looks like a first for the genre.

The game has only a few problems; because it cycles through the same puzzles only with different objects to find it can feel like the same thing over and over; as there are only ten puzzles much of the game is familiar ground after a while. We also think that the developer missed a trick by not including pinch to zoom—it seems like a natural fit for such a title.

With Little Things, you’re getting a competently drawn and designed game; just one that’s not quite as addictive as KlickTock’s previous output. We think with some slight modifications to how fast you unlocked new puzzles and perhaps a few additional ones it would go from good to great.

Grade: C, Good

Perhaps not as addictive as its predecessors; but Little Things is in all a neat twist on the hidden object genre.

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