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Orbital Bombardment (iPhone)

Review by Ben Briggs, October 19, 2010

iPhone integration (About)
  • Save state: Yes
  • iPod music: Yes
  • Status bar: No

Orbital Bombardment is a stylish tap defence title that tasks you with defending six planets and their inhabitants. You’ll battle six bosses and defend against large showers of asteroids and other missiles aimed at taking you out. You do this entirely by tapping the screen in the right spot and it can wear out your fingers if played for too long; especially in the boss battles.

Playing the game well means to be tapping the screen continuously in the hope of keeping up your combo; even on the casual difficulty setting the game is brutally challenging. There are some enemies that require gestures to beat and often they will be included in a huge wave of asteroids just for good measure.

Even though you get six different environments, many of the in-game elements are simply re-skins of objects that appeared earlier in the game. Each boss shares the same pattern of firing projectiles, trying to activate a special power that’s deactivated by furiously tapping the head, then waiting for you to destroy a flashing part of it. But the environments are sufficiently different and will hold your interest because after all, the progression between them is fairly rapid—each environment has 3 levels and a closing boss.

Orbital Bombardment uses Agon Online for high scores but has no Game Center support; many game developers are integrating their games into Apple’s own social network alongside other systems. We think the game could benefit from this.

In closing, Orbital Bombardment is a good game but needs to be more forgiving; at the moment you can comfortably play it for a couple of minutes or so and then you’ll either put it down to give yourself a break or carry on and wear out your digits. Many people will find it tiresome because of this. However if you’re sick and tired of laughably easy tapping games, give it a go; the most brutal challenge can yield the most satisfaction once beaten.

Grade: C, Good

Stylish and frantic tap defence game that will leave your fingers sore if played for too long.

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