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Pig Shot (iPhone)

Review by Ben Briggs, September 30, 2010

iPhone integration (About)
  • Save state: Yes
  • iPod music: No
  • Status bar: No

Pig Shot is another of those simplistic accelerometer based games that has a slick presentation, online high scoring and achievements built into it. We discussed the game earlier in the week and now we’ve got it in our hands we find it doesn’t get much more complicated than that. Sure, you have a variety of obstacles including trees, puddles, logs, sheep and other things that you’d expect to find scattered in the woods, but there’s not a lot more to the gameplay than that.

What does reel you back in for more is the variety of achievements that you can unlock by playing the game differently than you may expect; avoid the cauliflowers and score at least 800 points, or collect ten cauliflowers without tapping the screen (to expel gas out) once, or avoid the slingshots and try and maintain great speed by using the boosters. When these are combined with more common achievements such as collecting a lot of stars in a row or scoring a lot of points, Pig Shot can be a welcome boost to your OpenFeint profile.

Once you’ve got all of these achievements, Pig Shot will start to lose its appeal; polished as it is the gameplay is just far too simple; you’ll find more complexity in similar titles such as Dark Nebula. Still, a good buy for 59p.

Grade: C, Good

Very much a one-trick pony; but this simple, polished title makes up for it with great online high scoring and achievements.

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